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Aerial Yoga Kids 

Aerial Yoga for kids is a great way for your child to achieve benefits of traditional yoga. They will stretch,spin,flip while suspended in an aerial hammock.
Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga Class (9-12)

This yoga class for children offers strength,flexibility, relaxation and breathing exercises which lead to body awareness. There will be some Yoga games as well to make it FUN!!

Pre Ballet 

This class introduces children to the fundamentals of classical ballet through creative movement. We will focus on proper body alignment, basic ballet technique and terminology, and musicality. By appointment only.

Contemporary Ballet 

This class will combine the language of classical ballet as well as that of modern and contemporary dance. Modern floor warm- up, barre ,center work and across the floor excises will all work together to allow students to explore movement potential in a safe and nonjudgemental environment. Students will also be introduced to dance composition. By appointment only.


This beginning level class is designed to develop awareness of alignment and basic ballet vocabulary and technique. Class will include basic barre exercises, as well as center work and creative movement. By appointment only.
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