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Floating Sound Bath

Date: Offered twice per month. See Schedule For Availability
Cocoon yourself in a silk hammock and become immersed in the healing powers of sound and vibration. It creates a deep sense of relaxation.

Instructors: Kate Dechard and Jennifer Lawson

MAF 180- Heart Rate Training with Brian Lawson and

Ja Shua Ried

Sat Date: 9/12/20 from 10am - 12pm
This will be the first workshop of a 3 part workshop that is aimed at building optimal health and fitness through the use of three energy systems as follows:  the creatine phosphate, the glycolytic and the aerobic.  

This workshop will be focused on the aerobic.  We will use the MAF "maximum aerobic function" 180 formula, it is best known as a guide for aerobic exercise.  It will help individuals on all levels of health and fitness, from competitive athletes, to those just starting to exercise, and people focused on weight-loss and reducing excess body fat., not to mention those in rehabilitation. We will calculate YOUR MAF HR and discuss the  "hows and the whys" using this method of training.

Where: Red Hook Track;  perform the MAF Test using a pre-determined distance of 2miles.

$30 early-bird pricing(register on or before September 5th)- $40 after September 5th.

*must bring a heart rate monitor.


Brian Lawson


Do Essential Oils Work?

Sun Date: 3/22/2020 @3:30pm